10 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Best Exercise To Lose Weight

If you are tired of going through numerous exercises to lose weight you can stop here. In our world, you will find best workout routines for weight loss, the right procedure of performing them and lot more.

But coming to the reality if you want to lose weight a solid exercise schedule should be part of your day. As there is no shortcut to success in the same way your … Read More

30 Must-Know Fitness Tips for Women to Score the Best Body

Fitness tips for women

Gone are the days when women were restricted to the four walls of the society. With the changing trends, it has become a necessity not just a choice for the women to break the walls. No matter how much of power women posses they still have numerous responsibilities.

From managing homes to offices one thing that they must take care of themselves is ‘’Health’’. From ages women never concerned … Read More

5 Weeks to Your Best Body Ever: What to Eat

Golden Tips for losing weight

When I was on the verge of starting my career most of my well wishers suggested me to be a nutritionist. I was wondering the reason behind the suggestion. With the changing patterns of food and the increasing level of obesity in the world I got my answer. This is absolutely correct that nutritionists attract money these days leaving a hole in your pockets.

I realize this when I too … Read More

10 Best Remedies For Dandruff Treatment At Home

Dandruff Treatment At Home

The time winter arrives people seem to have different concerns. Some applaud its beauty, some shiver out of cold while a few always looking for the best treatment to get rid of white itchy scalp.

While most of the people generally face this problem in winter season only, there are few with whom this dandruff is associated throughout the year. Dandruff is a common skin condition that causes dry … Read More

Karva Chauth: Importance Of Sargi & What Foods To Eat

Importance of sargi

KarvaChauth is one of the major festivals for the Indians, especially for married Indian Women. According to Hindu Calander, this festival comes in the month of Kartik. It is a festival where Indian women keep a fast from morning to evening for the safety and longevity of their husbands’ lives. This is a nirjala vrat or fasts where women cannot have food & water until they see the moon.


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