best hangover cure

Excess of everything is bad. Isn’t it? Well, many of you won’t agree to that because we usually believe in living every moment to its fullest. But, ever wondered, how amazing it would be if we could rescue ourselves from facing that dizzy morning after boozing? The party enjoyment is excellent, but next day there are chances of paying the double price (feeling unusual) due to the hangover.

After a party hangover, everyone needs to recover their system by rehydrating their body and grabbing the essential vitamins needed for a healthy day. If you are a party animal, then this article is a must-read for you that will guide you how to cure the hangover. All you need to do next time is follow these hangover remedies to avoid intolerable after- effects of excessive drinking.


best hangover cure

The best hangover cure is drinking a few glasses of water. Drinking in excess can leave you dehydrated to the levels you can’t even imagine. Therefore, not wanting to get out of bed after a late party night is understandable. But, I am sure that you wouldn’t want to disrupt with your next morning routine. Therefore, it is advisable that you drink a few glasses of water which should be the first thing on your mind after a tipsy night. You are bound to feel much better as water would act as a catalyst and revitalize your body by lessening nausea and fatigue sensations.


vitamin drink for hangover

Nothing can be better than consuming some vitamin drinks to rehydrate your body. You won’t regret trying this hack after a fun party night. Just make sure that you go for low-calorie vitamin drinks otherwise it may backfire. Ultimately, it’s all about helping yourself to get out of that dizzy last night mode. Vitamin juices and drinks can do this bit effectively. You can try some orange juices, banana shakes, and other energy drinks, etc.


Eat A Nutritious Breakfast For Hangover

A healthy breakfast is always recommendable for a healthy day, but usually, people do not take it the way they should be. A healthy breakfast is all you need to set things right. It might sound a bit out of the way, but I bet that you won’t be disappointed if you try this. Just keep in mind that you cannot make the mistake of eating anything you savor. Go for some healthy options which could include slices of bacon, eggs, cornflakes, etc. Such a nutritious breakfast is going to help you cure a hangover as your stomach wouldn’t be battling to digest some junk food.


Eat Banana Salad For Hangover Cure

Banana is considered to be a king of fruits when it comes to combating the effects of alcohol. Sounds incredulous? Well, the complex carbohydrates and potassium in a banana can rehydrate your body better than any other traditional remedial alternative. This hack would not substitute for a healthy breakfast but also make you feel rejuvenated and vitalized for your daily activities. So if you feel that you overdosed last night, eat a bowl of banana salad in the morning to beat the hangover.


Exercise to cure hangover

This might sound pretty astonishing to many but exercising can play an instrumental role in getting you back to your days routine after a wild night. Burning out a few calories is therefore recommendable. What you need to keep in mind is that rigorous exercising won’t help you as much as running on a treadmill. Exercising would stimulate your body to release endorphins which in turn would result in energizing you and recovering from the hangover would thus become easy. Exercising doesn’t only helps to beat hangover but also keep you energizedfor the whole day.

So these were some of the best hangover remedies you can try. Hence, grappling with after effects of a hangover is not a rocket science only if you know the right hacks. Some people try some medicines to get rid of hangover effects, but that is also another kind drug which can have an adverse impact on your health. It is better to go with the natural hangover remedies to avoid any side defects later.


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