Golden Tips for losing weight

When I was on the verge of starting my career most of my well wishers suggested me to be a nutritionist. I was wondering the reason behind the suggestion. With the changing patterns of food and the increasing level of obesity in the world I got my answer. This is absolutely correct that nutritionists attract money these days leaving a hole in your pockets.

I realize this when I too starting gaining weight as a teenager. I use to surf the best diet plan for weight loss on the internet for hours. But every time I miserably fell down to achieve my goal. Before we start explaining the best diet plan for weight loss here are some best tips for you to lose weight fast.

Golden Tips for losing weight

1. Go for 5 meals a day

5 short meals a day keeps the obesity away. The first formula for losing weight is that you do not need to gallop everything at once. Make 5 short meals a day your diet regime and you will see your kilos decreasing like never before.

2. Intake more fluids

Drink 12-15 glasses of fluid which includes minimum 8 glasses of water, buttermilk, soup etc. intake of fluids can also curb your hunger pangs.

3. Eat fiber rich foods

Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Intake more soluble fibers as they are low in calories. For example apple, orange, dry fruits etc.

4. Go green

Intake at least 2 cups of green tea every day. Try to take it half hour after your meals as it will nullify your calories. For best results green coffee too is a good option.

5. Leave your sedentary lifestyle

Indulge yourself in 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

Best diet chart for weight loss

Early morning

Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon in it, as it cleanses the digestive system and improves metabolism.  Along with losing weight it also prevents premature ageing, aids constipation and alleviates pain from menstruation to headaches. The water must not be too hot as it can give you burning sensations.


We are hearing since ages that eat breakfast like a king lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Till date this golden rule helps a lot to lose weight. Research shows that regular breakfast eaters lose weight more easily than those who skip it. Following are the best breakfast option for weight loss:-


oatmeal is packed with fiber and it keeps you full for a long period. Eat whole oatmeal instead of instant oatmeal. You can add small amount of skim milk and fruits to your meal for better taste. Oats not only helps you lose weight but it also lowers your risk of heart disease and some cancers. Oatmeal is one of the best weight loss meal plans for losing weight.

Peanut butter and whole wheat bread

whole wheat bread with peanut butter is packed with proteins. Go for natural peanut butter with no added sugar or fats unlike the processed ones.


Best diet chart for weight loss

The best diet chart for weight loss includes all those food items which have low calorie intake. One large egg contains 78 calories only. Go for hardboiled egg or scramble ones. Just keep in mind that if you will fry your egg you are adding 50 calories to it.

These various above mentioned are the best weight loss meal plan for breakfast.

Mid Morning

Dry fruits, fresh fruits, a glass of juice or buttermilk are the best mid morning options for weight loss.


When you are trying to lose weight lunch is an important meal and you need to keep an eagle eye on whatever you are eating. Following are the best lunch options for weight loss:-

Soups and salads

Soups and salads are the best weight loss meal plan. Take 1 cup of soup before in taking anything in your lunch. It will fill you up for long. Spiced carrot and lentil soup for lunch is a good option. You can have salad with soup too.

Bran wheat flour

You can eat two chapattis made up of bran wheat flour or a small amount of brown rice along with lots of green vegetables.

Evening snack

best diet plan for weight loss

To satisfy your hunger pangs you can eat 2 oatmeal biscuits with tea. Drinking green tea is highly recommendable for promoting weight loss.


when you are trying to lose weight every calorie you intake counts. Eat fewer carbohydrates at night as they are difficult to digest. The best dinner options are as follows-

Green salad

Intake green salad in your dinner as it promotes weight loss and can be digested easily. Chicken tuna salad is one of the best options.

Lean protein

Chicken, tofu, beans and fish are rich in protein. Protein will keep you feeling fuller longer compared to carbohydrates. You can add low dairy products to your diet too as they are less in calories and rich in proteins.

The above mentioned diet chart is a time tested meal plan for weight loss.  You can see your pounds shedding like nothing if you will follow this diet chart for weight loss sincerely.  Weight loss is not too difficult as it seems. You just need sincere efforts to reach your goal.

Good Luck!

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