Fiber-Rich Foods

“Intake more soluble fibers” you might have heard it many times by the health authorities. They always want us to indulge in eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lentils. The reason fibers are more emphasized is that they add fewer calories.   Even if increasing the fiber intake is the only change you make it can do wonders to your body.

People who were told to get 30 grams of fiber a day lost notable pounds. Fiber-rich foods not only help us to lose weight it also prevents various heart diseases, diabetes, and some cancers. Given below is a list of 5 high fiber-rich foods.

5 Fiber-rich foods



Coming from the cabbage family this super vegetable is an edible green plant. Along with a high dose of calcium and vitamin C, it contains 2.6 grams of dietary fiber. One of the favorite ways to eat broccoli is a spicy raw salad. It can also be steamed in a microwave. But according to a recent research in the journal of agriculture and food chemistry, raw broccoli is more beneficial. Broccoli is the topmost fiber-rich foods to lose weight.



Oats are a whole grain with a large number of nutritional benefits. Generally known as porridge it is one of the favorite breakfasts for many people. It contains 1.7 grams of dietary fiber. Its nutrient content can be increased by adding some fresh fruits and dry fruits to it.

Cinnamon is also a great option for adding flavor. But for losing weight you must eat oatmeal as your main course. The fiber content of oatmeal helps you lose weight. Apart from taking it with skimmed milk only, you can prepare oats cutlets and oats pancake too.



Lentils are the common foods found in every kitchen. They take very less time to cook and can be prepared in various forms. Containing 8 grams of dietary fiber they are available throughout the year. Lentils are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber.

Apart from lowering cholesterol lentils stabilizes blood sugar levels. But to preserve its nutritional values lentils must not be overcooked. Cooking over a low flame ensures that the food is never overcooked and thus ensuring the nutrients content to remain intact.

Fiber Rich Fruits

Fiber Rich Fruits

Some of the fiber-rich fruits are Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Strawberries, Grapefruits, Grapes, and Mangoes. They all have around 3 to 4 grams of dietary fiber. The skin of the Apple has more fiber in it. Instead of drinking fruit juices go for a whole fruit with the peel where ever possible. Intake of high fiber-rich fruits not only aids weight loss it gives flawless skin too.


Flax seeds

If you are trying to lose weight rapidly with something high in vitamins and minerals, Flaxseeds are the ultimate choice. These tiny seeds are not only good in taste but have countless health benefits too. Being rich in antioxidants flaxseeds prevent us from various heart diseases and some cancers too.

Various researchers have shown that these seeds improve good cholesterol. Besides weight loss, they are extremely good for healthy hairs. We can use grinded flaxseeds in many ways by adding a teaspoon of it while kneading the dough, or adding a half teaspoon of it in oats or muesli.

With all these fiber-rich foods available here are some common tips by which fiber intake can be increased in our daily diet.

  • While starting any meal eat a portion of salad. You can limit your intake of food by adding the salad to your meal.
  • Refrain yourself from eating refined flour as it is high in calories. Biscuits and cakes made with refined flour are a big no if you want to lose weight. But you can add multigrain biscuits to your diet.
  • Instead of eating white bread go for whole grain oats, pasta, and brown bread.
  • Add soaked dry fruits, fenugreek seeds to your meal to enhance your intake of fiber.
  • Add bran to your flour to get more nutrients. It not only adds more nutrients but it also adds taste to your food.
  • You just need to bust a common myth that high fiber rich foods are bad in taste. Modify them according to your taste to double the benefits.

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