Fitness tips for women

Gone are the days when women were restricted to the four walls of the society. With the changing trends, it has become a necessity not just a choice for the women to break the walls. No matter how much of power women posses they still have numerous responsibilities.

From managing homes to offices one thing that they must take care of themselves is ‘’Health’’. From ages women never concerned themselves with fitness. Chasing their children the whole day and serving their families was the only fitness routine they use to carry.

But with the increase in the number of diseases, day by day and the increasing authority being fitness freak has become the need of the hour for women. Despite knowing the side effects of sedentary lifestyle, most of the women find it difficult to work out.

The negligence leads to a lot of problems. Lack of proper diet and workout is the only reason women grow old earlier than men. It is hard to believe that women perform nearly 66 percent of the world’s work and still they are said to be less healthy than man.

But thanks to the technological access women are gaining more and more information on physical fitness and involving themselves in hard workouts these days.

They are not just doing it for their families some are also working on their bodies to represent themselves at international levels. And to be wonder the world is welcoming this ignorant gender with heart. People are becoming more and more aware regarding the importance of fitness.

No doubt many articles are available online promising you the fitness tips for women. But sometimes this availability of information in abundance becomes the most difficult choice. We are here today to clean your every doubt regarding the best fitness routine for women. This write up is a full stop for your search of best fitness tips for women.

Here are the Must Know Fitness Tips for Women

Diet and Nutrition

Diet & fitness tips for women

Your body is more what you eat than you sweat. For adult women as per USDA recommendation, a daily allowance of calcium is 1000 gm and magnesium is 320-400 grams. Some of the best sources of calcium and their content per serving according to National Institutes Of Health are following:-

Plain yogurt – 415 mg
Cheddar cheese – 333 mg
Soy milk, 8 ounces – 298 mg
Raw broccoli 1 cup – 42 mg
Tofu 1 cup – 276 mg

The main sources of magnesium are Green leafy vegetables, Cucumber, Green beans, celery and a variety of seeds. Besides calcium and magnesium women must consume iron-rich foods too. Iron creates hemoglobin in the body.

It’s important for maintaining healthy nails hairs and skin. Foods rich in iron include poultry, seafood, dry fruits such as apricots and raisins, breads and whole grain pasta. Some of the most common fitness tips for women to follow are given below.

  • Avoid wine, sugars and saturated fat items in excess.
  • Junk food is a big NO.
  • Boost calcium intake.
  • Include green tea in your diet regime.
  • Eat more good fats.

Best Workout Plans for Women

workout plans for women

If you want a complete transformation always go for multiple exercises rather than relying on a firm workout routine. Generally, women indulge themselves in jogging and running and after sometimes when they get no results they decide to quit their workout routine.

There can’t be one single exercise giving an ultimate solution for your all problems. A good workout routine for women is a blend of jogging, running, working out in gym, weightlifting and some yoga too.

Workout Each and Every Day

workout plans for women

To get success in every aspect of life the ultimate formula is to practice it every day. The same applies to your body too. Never miss a single day of your workout. If you are too busy just grab 20 minutes from 24 hrs to get your best body.

Those 20 minutes will give you a sigh of relief for the whole day. The 20 minutes workout can include swimming, running and weight training that pump more blood.

Remember Your Pre and Post Workout Meal

fitness tips for women

A proper meal before and after your workout can be magical. Taking artificial steroids for boosting energy can be harmful for your body. Black coffee is the best pre-workout and fat burner.

Post workout meal is important too. It repairs the muscle fibers and helps in gaining back energy too. The best post workout meals include protein shakes, fruits and raw vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.

Be Lazy in Checking Out Weight

fitness tips for women

This is one of the best rule among various fitness tips for women. Do not go for checking out weight on a regular basis. It can sap you within.

Plan your weight checkout schedule. Give yourself a target and go for it. Once you complete it match it with your goal. This is the best way to avoid demoralization.

Plan Your Outdoor Schedule

workout routines for women

No doubt the best workout routine for women includes a blend of workout plans. Still the outdoor workout schedule is the best way to score your best body.

Running, swimming, playing various outdoor games is the best way to burn calories and to keep yourself away from your regular monotonous indoor schedule too.

Avoid Speeding Up a Strict Diet Regime

body fitness tips

It is might seen in various people leaving their favorite food items at once. You will be surprised to know that it can harm you. Do not speed up in adopting a strict diet regime. It can increase your stress levels. This in turn can lead to more weight gain.

There is a popular misconception that only boiled vegetables and tasteless food transforms the body that we need to bust.

If you want a change never indulge yourself in food at once. Make 5 short meals the perfect wheel for weight loss. This can prove to be the most effective fitness tip for losing weight if followed sincerely.

Spice It Up

fitness tips for women 

Recent studies have shown that certain spices contain fat burning abilities. They can curb your appetite and increase metabolism too. Many spices have a thermogenic effect. Some of the known thermogenic spices are:

Black pepper – Black pepper raise the body temperature and increase metabolism. It also helps in digesting food easily.

Chili powder– Chili powder reduces cholesterol levels and improves circulation. Various research studies have shown that capsaicin present in chili powder raises body temperature causing weight loss.

Cumin– Cumin contains iron which boosts energy. Add cumin to your diet to workout hard.

Ginger – Besides increasing metabolism ginger improves digestion and decrease appetite. It regulates our internal body too.

Perform Only Correct Ones

fitness tips for women 

Women often perform wrong exercises. This is the reason they fail to achieve their target. There is no point in doing wrong exercises for hours.

Learn the proper technique of the particular exercise and then add weight to it. Performing wrong ones can lead to various injuries too.

Get a Workout Buddy

workout plans for women

Various researchers have shown that people tend to lose more weight when they workout with their partners.

A British survey has shown that working out with partner lets you burn 41 extra calories per session. Working out this way boosts your confidence and keeps you motivated.

Learn To Jump

body fitness tips

One of the best women workout routine includes the rope we often play with in childhood. Yes, you heard it right jumping is magical. It gives shape to each and every part of the body.

It is the cheapest gym gadget you will ever get. Besides being cheap it is portable too. You can burn approx 300 calories in 30 minutes of jumping.

Rely More on the Mat

fitness tips for women 

Various postures performed for just 30 minutes on mat are more beneficial than hours of gym. Asana not only melt fat it stimulates your mind too. It freshens up your mind.

By the end of various studies people who practice yoga lose double the amount of weight than the people who only worked out in gym. From centuries yoga is the most effective body fitness tip which brings best result.

Breakfast is the King

body fitness tips

Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day. Never leave your home without doing breakfast. A study of 50000 people found out that those who made breakfast their most important meal of the day tend to have lower Body Mass Index (BMI).

Try to add more proteins in it. You can add eggs, whole grain breads, skimmed milk, smoothies, and salads to it. Heavier the breakfast more energy you will have for the rest of the day.

 Try a 100:50 Formula

workout plans for women

Indulge yourself in a 2:1 intensity workout which means that if you are working out for 2 minutes take another one minute to recover your body. Doing this will bring you back to your previous energy levels.

Various health researchers in their study explained that allowing this intensity of working out lets women use maximum oxygen even more than men.

Dinner is NO for Weight Watchers

fitness tips for women 

“Don’t eat after 6 pm” you might have heard this body fitness tip many times. This fitness tips for women can do wonders. You must limit your salt intake after 6 pm and you will see your fat melting like anything in no time.

Eating a very large meal at dinner overloads your digestive system thus, storing fat in the body. If you are looking for a complete transformation avoid dinner dates that allow you to gallop high quantity of salt and oils.

Intake 5 Short Meals

body fitness tips

Trust us you do not need to give up your cravings in order to lose weight. You can eat almost everything but in small quantities. Do not settle down to eat a heavy meal. Plan your diet quantity and eat accordingly.

Eat after every 2 hours. By this way your body will not store extra fats. Avoid in taking junk food on a regular basis. Adapt this fitness tip and you will never gain weight again.

Stick With It

workout routines for women

To lose weight always remember you can’t go back to your old eating regime. Stick to your workout and diet routine for at least 2 weeks and you will surely see a change in your body. Do not let yourself quit no matter how hard it is!

Eat in Front of Mirror

fitness tips for women 

This may not be a body fitness tip you are looking for. But sometimes it’s just little things that matter more. Yes, eat in front of mirror. Doing this way you will never indulge yourself in overeating. Your own body will become your best inspiration.

Forget Frying in Cooking

body fitness tips

For weight checkers the word frying should be missing from their dictionary. Only roast, boil or grill your food. Roasting and boiling food keeps the nutrients intact keeping the taste alive.

Stay Active

workout plans for women

Involve yourself in talking while walking. Don’t be a lazy fellow. Take a short walk after every meal. Do not doze off on the bed right after your meal.

Your workout hours will go to drain if you will be lazy. The options are there, you just have to make up your mind and do it.

Drink Lots of Water

fitness tips for women 

Water is the most underestimated ingredient. Drink at least 4 liters of water every day. People who sweat out in gym need more amount of water. Adequate water intake enables your body to excrete waste through urination and defecation.

Note Down Your Progress

workout routines for women

To stay focused prepare a report card. This fitness tip to score your best body will keep you motivated throughout your whole journey. Give grades to your workout once you are done. By this way you can monitor your success levels easily.

Your Focus Should not be Weight Loss

fitness tips for women 

Being fitness freak has become a lifestyle these days rather than something to be flaunt. Your motive should be whole body fitness rather than a mere weight loss.

If you will just focus on losing out on the scale you will end up gaining instead. Plan a fit and healthy life for you.

Stay Happy

body fitness tips

You might have heard that Laughter is the best medicine. When you are happy and laugh and loud your body release some good hormones which lower downs your stress levels. Besides this you can tone your face muscles while laughing.

Don’t Get Too Rigid

workout plans for women

Women should never be too rigid in their workout routines. Workout routines for women should always be flexible.

Change your exercise schedule throughout the week. Do not fix a time for your workout. Go for it whenever you find time in a span of 24 hrs. Allowing your body to be flexible can bring best results.

Excess of Everything is Bad

workout routines for women

Women do not need more than one hour of workout a day. Involvement in hard workout regime can leave them exhausted and tired. As their presence is must in most of the household chores.

Apart from managing their offices they need to run after their children too. Excess of workout will drain them out. One of the best body fitness tips for women is to work out on a fewer exercises within a limited time.

Don’t Bring Your Cravings at Home

fitness tips for women 

You must not bring your favorite treats at home. You should store your house with healthy snacks only. Eat lot of alkaline fruits and variety of homemade salads.

Even if you are having a habit of eating after short intervals the healthy snacks intake will not harm you at all. Avoid stocking up packaged junk foods which contain most harmful oils.

Combat Cigarette and Caffeine Intake

body fitness tips

For women who want to avoid complexities cocktails are ban. Excess caffeine other than flourishing infertility in women lets them gain weight constantly.

Try to replace your cigarette craving with mild coffee. Smoking often leads to a unhealthy lifestyle causing serious diseases like cancers and lung infections.

Shake Out Your Body

workout plans for women

Dance is the most flexible and beautiful workout routine for women. Mostly every woman enjoys being shaking up their body.

Dance not only imbibes happiness in the body it makes women fit too. Various dance forms like Jumba and aerobics are the specific dance forms to lose weight.

Do Not Hurry Up

fitness tips for women 

Patience is the ultimate answer to success. A fit body is not a one day task to complete. Fitness is a lifestyle you need to maintain your whole life.

Do not hurry up getting the body of your dreams. It takes many sacrifices to score your best body. Give your body time to transform.

Always remember if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you~ Fred Devito. Make a target and give your best to achieve it. Run for at least 30 minutes a day. Involve yourself in playing outdoor games. Go for a fit and healthy life. These 30 tips to score your best body will surely help you if followed wholeheartedly.


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