10 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism and Helps You Burn Fat Faster

Metabolism boosting foods

Increase Your Metabolism With These Foods

When it comes to weight loss you cannot rely on one aspect only. Weight loss is a collation of various factors. Metabolism boosting foods plays a great role in your weight loss journey. A faster metabolism lets you digest food easily and helps you to shed those extra kilos from your body.  One of the best ways to increase metabolism is to ingest foods … Read More

You Must Stop Making These Common Mistakes While Doing Exercise

exercises mistakes

How to Exercise Properly

Working out for hours in the gym? Are you getting prone to injuries instead of getting results? Performing exercises incorrectly might be the only reason. We can get benefit from any exercise only if they are performed correctly. If you’re unsure of how to do the basic exercises the right way and want to know common exercises mistakes people make check it out with us:

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Healthy Eating Guidelines That will Definitely Help You Lose Your Weight

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Guidelines You Must Follow

The year’s adage” Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar is the ultimate formulae to lose weight. We suffer because we have a reverse cycle follow up. According to a new global survey, around 30 percent of the world population is overweight or obese. And the most ironical truth is that besides knowing the healthy eating guidelines we … Read More

The True Meaning and Significance of Namaste in Yoga

Namaste in Yoga

What is the True Meaning of Namaste?

It’s a common tradition everywhere to greet people whenever we meet them. Nah-mas-tey is one such popular salutation form which is no longer confined to India. But it might raise the question what the meaning of Namaste is?  Namaste means “I bow to you.” In deeper terms, it means “the universe dwelling in me pays courtesy to world dwelling in you.”… Read More

Which One is More Effective For Rapid Weight Loss: Exercising or Dieting

rapid weight loss

Rapid Weight Loss

Getting juiced up in the gym, running miles to be out of the woods, and the most “bloodcurdling’’ one having a grasp on your cravings seems to be the gutsy decision one takes to get in shape. While making up mind to transform yourself the question that is at cutting edge is what is the best diet plan and workout regime to follow for rapid weight loss.… Read More