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Who does not like shiny, bulky and long hairs? All men and women desire for healthy hair, although getting them is a different thing. Everyone has to face various problems related to hairs. Many among us, are usually disturbed with lesser hair growth and troubled with dull look of our hairs. Therefore, you need to take good care of your hair so that you can get that shiny, silky hair you have been desiring since long.

When we talk of salads, it is incomplete without a piece of onion. You very well know the importance of onion in your diet, but you will be surprised to know that it is extremely beneficial for your hair growth also. It might sound a bit strange to you, but it is true that the onion plays an instrumental role in strengthening your hair roots.

Onions are rich in sulphur and help in the circulation of blood. Also, due to the presence of sulphur in onion, the production of collagen increases in your body, which contributes to hair growth. Raw Onion juice might not be likeable because of its stingy taste, hence you can try these different mixtures.

Honey and Onion juice:

Onion & honey for hair growth

Take one-fourth cup of onion juice and add one big spoon of honey to it. Mix them thoroughly for about 10 minutes before you apply it on your hair. Just practice this for 3 consecutive weeks and you will surely see a change.

Rum and Onion juice:

Rum & Onion juice for hair growth

If you do not like the pungent smell of onion, then this mixture is a must try for you. Did you know that when onion is mixed with rum its odor disappears?  Keep the onions soaked in the rum all night, massage it on your hair and head in the morning. This practice is surely going to work for you.

Yoghurt and Onion juice:

Onion & yoghurt for hair growth

One big spoon of curd with the juice of onion can prevent your hair fall and accelerate the pace of hair growth You just have to massage your head for about 40 minutes. You will see the difference in your hairs. Yoghurt retains the moisture of your hair, and the onion helps it to strengthen.

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