rapid weight loss

Rapid Weight Loss

Getting juiced up in the gym, running miles to be out of the woods, and the most “bloodcurdling’’ one having a grasp on your cravings seems to be the gutsy decision one takes to get in shape. While making up mind to transform yourself the question that is at cutting edge is what is the best diet plan and workout regime to follow for rapid weight loss.

Majority VS Minority

For your efforts to give result it is always 25:75, 25 percent workout and 75 percent the diet you ingest that matters. You need to compile both unqualifiedly to see a different you just after three months of your exercise regime.

A renowned German fashion designer KARL LAGERFELD once stated “Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose” Diet like you don’t have to repent the next day and workout until you feel like puking and getting faint.  Remember intake of calories is much easier than burning off.

Basic Exercise Tips For BEGINNERS

Fitness should be YOUR “FRAME OF MIND” 

For a body to be proud of fitness should be a habit rather than a boredom task. If you relish it, you will lose it working out with a lot of stress in mind to lose rapidly will end up giving no result. Workout every day doesn’t lie down even a single day.

Get set up a goal

You will see maximum results only if you will set a goal you want to achieve in a particular time span. Don’t let your mind get burdened off setting a goal unable to perform. Plan according to your strength work on it and increase it after that when you start building up more. Setting goal is the first step in turning invisible into visible- TONY ROBBINS.

Keep yourself hydrated

Boost up your water intake to 4-5 liters a day. Ayurved has blessed us with some rules of drinking water which you need to follow to get maximum results. Don’t chug too much water at once. Sit calmly and shoot to sip the fluid every 20 minutes while working out to keep dehydration at arm’s length. Drink at least room temperature water if sipping out warm water is not possible. Chilled water drenches the digestive fire.

Make 30 minutes of cardio A HABIT

The American College of Sports Medicine” recommends 30 minutes of cardio each day be it running, swimming or cycling. Cardiovascular activities are the only one which increases your heart rate and make your body sweat to the maximum. Your whole body gets in shape by adding on 30 minutes of cardio to your regime.

Best Diet Plan

Five healthy short meals the perfect wheel

Instead of eating up everything once divide your meals. One of the basic formulae to control your diet. You don’t need to starve up yourself. You must have something to eat every 2-3 hours during the day but make sure whatever you intake should be healthy. Increase small caloric fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Bound your wheat intake

For the ones who want transformation, a secret is to bound your grain intake replace your white meals with that of brown. Brown rice is one of the fanciest ingredients which adds on to weight loss while fulfilling your craving to eat your favorite fried rice (for weight loss sauté must be considered the synonym of fried ). Avoid processed and fried food altogether.

Green Tea “ The Liquid Wisdom”

The most popular notion that needs to be busted is whether green tea aids weight loss or manages weight? Green tea controls weight improving your digestion system. Sip one cup of green tea half an hour after your meal, and it will nullify your calories.

It takes efforts to transform your mind first, and once you did with it, no one can stop you from losing weight.  Obesity breaks you internally more and externally less. Go get up and run for your goal and remember every positive thought you are imbibing of your weight loss will bring a different you.

Eat GOOD!! Look GOOD!! Feel GOOD!!


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